The former health advisor to the “White House” explodes a surprise about “Trump” health!


Al-Marsad newspaper – agencies: Dr. Ezequiel Emanuel, a former health policy advisor at the White House, said that US President Donald Trump “is sicker than announced”, after contracting the emerging coronavirus, in part of an interview with CNN, Sunday.

He was put on an oxygen machine
Emmanuel, who worked in the administration of former President Barack Obama, added that “throughout the day on Friday, they were reducing (the severity of his illness) by saying that he was resting, when in reality he was overheated and tired and the percentage of oxygen in his blood was going down, which forced them to put him on the oxygen machine.”

And Emmanuel said that “the treatments that Trump is taking also suggest concern about the president’s condition.” “You’re not jumping into remdesivir, you’re not adding an experimental mixture of treatment that hasn’t even gotten an emergency use license, unless it’s really, really, really, really much worse,” he said.

Trump was very ill
Emmanuel added that “reading between the lines indicates that Trump was very ill, and this happened very quickly in the course of events.”
And he continued by saying that “assuming that Trump contracted Covid-19 during a rally at the White House on Saturday 26 September to announce his candidate for the Supreme Court, he became ill from Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and this is a very rapid development of the disease.”


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