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Israel and the UAE sign the flight deal on October 20 at Tel Aviv Airport.

Today, Sunday, the Israeli government announced the signing of the aviation deal with the UAE next Tuesday at Tel Aviv Airport.

The Israeli Ministry of Aviation stated that the two countries intend to sign an agreement to operate 28 flights per week between Abu Dhabi and Dubai airports and Ben Gurion Airport.

The first Israeli commercial plane landed in Abu Dhabi at the end of last August, carrying a delegation of senior Israeli and American officials headed by Jared Kushner, senior adviser to US President Donald Trump, on a visit to the UAE.

The UAE company, Etihad Airways, began selling tickets to Israeli travelers in early September to operate regular flights between the two countries.

Sources in the Federation of Tourism Companies in Tel Aviv reported that thousands of Israelis have contacted tourism companies to book places on flights to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

An official in an Israeli tourism company said that there are tourism packages offered by the Emiratis and tempting Israelis, such as “a tourist trip that includes hair transplantation or plastic surgery in Dubai,” which are trips currently taking place to Turkey, but the Emiratis offer better prices.

Source: Middle East


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