The first details about the upcoming Samsung GALAXY Z FOLD 3 phone


The latest reports published on the Internet today confirmed that Samsung plans to support its upcoming Galaxy Z FOLD 3 phone with the camera technology below the screen.

The phone manufacturing giants in the coming period adopt the camera technology below the screen, which companies replace the camera design in the distinctive screen hole for this year’s releases, and in the latest reports revealed the Korean giant’s plans to skip pushing this technology in the Galaxy S21 series to come to the new technology in the company’s next version of GALAXY Z FOLD 3 foldable phones.

The report also indicates that Samsung is preparing to start mass production of the Galaxy S21 series next November, so the technology of the camera at the bottom of the screen will not be equipped at the present time to support these versions, so the Korean giant surpasses the support of the Galaxy S series with the camera technology at the bottom of the screen, to advance the technology in The next generation of foldable phones.

On the other hand, the report confirmed that Samsung had initially planned to support the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with the camera technology at the bottom of the screen, but with the start of mass production of this version, it was decided to postpone the payment of the new camera technology in the company’s new version of foldable phones.

Expectations indicate that Samsung is moving to implement this technology in the GALAXY Z FOLD 3 at the beginning due to the limited production often of this category of phones, unlike the company’s production of the Galaxy S series, so Samsung will overcome any problem that appears in the units that are better shipped with the integration The new technology in the GALAXY Z FOLD 3.

It is reported that the first versions that launched to the market with the camera technology below the screen is the ZTE AXON 20 5G phone, which is only available now in the Chinese market exclusively.


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