The first comment of Ahmed Flux’s wife after their return again


Rabia, the first wife of the artist Ahmed Flux, commented on their return to resume their married life after a years-long separation, through her account on the “Facebook” site.

“Flox” re-published what “Rabia”, the mother of his only son, Saif, said about him, through his account on the “Instagram” website, when she said: “I just returned to my home, my heart is my home and no other is a country. Good, and He blessed us with mercy and affection, compensated us and our son for years of difficult experiences and always blessed us with goodness, contentment, concealment, chastity, and the goodness of the whole situation.

“Flux” surprised everyone at the end of last month, with the news of his return to his first wife, “Rabia”, by posting a picture that they gathered through his accounts on social media, in a clear indication of their return.

Ahmed Flux separated from his wife years ago, without this affecting their relationship, despite the wife’s residency outside Egypt, and they were in constant contact.

On the other hand, Ahmed Flux announced his direction recently to the world of singing, and recently launched the first teaser promo for his new song “Khalek Sahih”, through his official account on “Instagram”, which is written by Dr. Wael Al-Obaidi, composed by Ihab Samir, and distributed by Amir Samir.

Ahmed Flux is continuing to shoot his new series “Noah’s Ark” and co-starring Jordanian artist Munther Rayahneh, in preparation for showing it in Ramadan 2021, and the work written by Muhammad Al-Shawaf and directed by Hussam Al-Gohary, produced by the production company he recently founded.
Ahmed Flux recently signed a new play with Tamer Karam and Moataz Wali El-Din.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Flux’s latest work is the movie “The Passage”, starring Ahmed Ezz, Ahmed Rizk, Iyad Nassar, Mohamed Farraj, Ahmed Salah Hosni, Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, Muhammad Jumaa, Mahmoud Hafez, Amir Salah El-Din, Asmaa Abu Al-Yazid, directed by Sharif Arafa.


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