The first comment from Sakka about his wife’s appearance in the cinema El Gouna: “I was wrong.”


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Artist Ahmed El Sakka joked with a presenter who asked him about his opinion of his wife Maha Al Saghir’s appearance at the El Gouna Film Festival.

Al-Sakka said, during his meeting with The Insider in Arabic, on the Dubai screen, “I made a mistake for her wearing my jacket and took her jacket.”

For her part, Reem Choucair, an expert in appearance, commented that not everything in fashion is appropriate, criticizing the “small” choice of dress color and hairstyle.

Maha Al-Saghir had sparked a great controversy, on social media, with her appearance, and commented on the criticism that she received, through her Instagram account, saying: “When someone judges you, this is not really related to you. It is about them and their feelings of insecurity, restrictions and needs. ”

Maha Al Saghir explained that her look is from the British fashion house “Christopher Kane”, and it was designed by the British fashion designer “Christopher Kane”.

“El Gouna Film Festival” kicked off its activities on Friday, October 23rd, in the presence of art stars, including «Laila Elwi, Hala Sidqi, Ilham Shaheen, Basma, Menna Shalaby, Ahmed El Sakka, Hani Ramzy, Mai Selim, Ayten Amer.

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