The European Super League will destroy the English Premier League


Former Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger said the big clubs on the continent are keen to establish the European Super League football championship because they are unable to compete financially with Premier League clubs.

Reports said that Manchester United and Arsenal have participated in negotiations to establish the new tournament to include 18 clubs out of the five major league competitions.

The founders hope the tournament will start in 2022, and Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu, who resigned on Tuesday, said his club had already accepted a proposal to participate.

But Wenger, FIFA’s director of global development, said the plans were to curb the “superiority” of the Premier League.

He added to the Guardian newspaper, “Other league competitions have tried to destroy the Premier League privileges and for them the best way is to establish the new European League.” This means basically destroying the English Premier League. ”

The Super League guarantees continuous confrontations between the major teams in Europe, but Wenger believes that the biggest beneficiaries are the club owners.

“We are in a period in which owners control investments, and the first goal is to collect the largest amount of money, and the Super League is a way to collect more money,” he said.


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