The Environment and Nature Reserves organizes two workshops within the “My Environment and From You We Learn” program


The Environment and Natural Reserves Authority recently organized two workshops at the Al Dhaid Center for Wildlife, using the “Zoom” application within the “My Environment and You Learn” program, the first titled Workshop of Birds of Prey (Falcons), targeting children of the age group from 6 to 12 years old, and the second titled Workshop Arab milk oil extraction, targeting adolescents aged 12 to 18 years.
Hana Saif Al Suwaidi, head of the authority, said: “We are keen to continue organizing and implementing our activities and programs according to our strategy in preserving the environment and its cleanliness, preserving biodiversity, and contributing to raising the environmental awareness of all individuals and groups of society. The workshop of birds of prey on falcons and the Arab dairy workshop are part of this strategy.
She added: “Falcons play an important role in the history of peoples, especially in the UAE and the Arab Gulf states. Since humans knew this unique bird in its shape, type, platoon and characteristics, it has become a symbol of strength, elevation, patience and courage, and the UAE has adopted many initiatives to protect the endangered falcons. And allowing them to reproduce and complete their life cycle. ”
The aim of organizing the birds of prey workshop was to identify information about falcons, and to teach the participants to make medals, as the participants interacted with the method of implementing the workshop, which focused on how to make medals with a falcon image, by drawing the falcon shape on the print transparencies with the help of the falcon images below, and from Then punching it to become a distinctive medal of their creations, using several tools, such as: an introductory board about falcons, pictures of falcons in small sizes, medals, punches, transparencies for printing, and colors to paint on transparency.
After the end of the raptor workshop, the children interacted with the “Think and Play with Us” section for an hour, which was the game of searching for similar pictures. The second workshop aimed at introducing visitors to the Arab milk plant, which is a local plant that has many benefits, and how to extract oil and make use of it, as the Arab milk tree, which is called locally “Shua”, has an ancient history, which made it a bridge for communication between the world’s civilizations since ancient times. It has the benefits and advantages that are endless.
And frankincense has many uses in the manufacture of medicines, oils, powders and perfumes, and in folk remedies, and extracting oil is one of the things useful to learn, and it is an easy and fun way.


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