The discovery of 3 salty lakes in Mars revives the hypothesis of life on the red planet


Outer space and its own world are still considered the well of secrets for humanity, as hundreds of amazing discoveries follow each passing day, and recently, a group of Italian scientists found three new underground lakes near the south pole of the surface of Mars.

And liquid water is vital to biology and life in all its forms, so the new discovery will be of interest to researchers who are studying the possibility of life elsewhere in the solar system, according to the British BBC.

However, the discovered lakes are believed to be highly saline, which could pose challenges to the survival of any form of microbial life.

Billions of years ago, water was flowing in rivers and gathering in lakes on the surface of the red planet, but Mars has since lost much of its atmosphere, which means that water cannot remain liquid for long on its surface today.

Referring to the subterranean lakes discovered, Dr Roberto Urosi, of the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics in Bologna, said it is likely that these bodies of water existed in the past.

The latest discoveries were made using data from a radar device on the European Space Agency (Esa) “Mars Express” spacecraft, which has been orbiting the red planet since December 2003.

And in 2018, researchers from the Marseys radar reported signs of an underground lake 20 kilometers wide and 1.5 kilometers below the south polar deposits of Mars, a thick polar covering made up of layers of ice and dust.

According to experts, the main lake is surrounded by small bodies of liquid water.


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