The director of “Rasmak fi Khayali” removes the “Biscuit Crunchy” clip from YouTube due to copyright


Mustafa Amer, director of the clip “Rasmak Fi Khayali” by the star Mohamed Hamaki, managed to delete Hassan Shakoush’s clip “Crunchy Biscuit” from YouTube, recently released by Hassan Shakoush and Hamada Magdy, after it reached more than 25 million views, due to the similarity with the clip he provided For fools.

Also, “Shakoush” refused to acknowledge and quote an infringement on intellectual property rights. Therefore, director Mustafa Amer applied to the famous video site in light of the similarity of “intro”, and the clip of the hammer was removed after it was proven that it was adapted from Hamaki’s clip, especially since the company that produced the hookah refused all solutions Friendly. It is noteworthy that Hassan Shakoush had borrowed from Muhammad Hamaki to tune the song “Bint Al-Jeeran”.

Festivals singer Hassan Shakoush recently launched a new duet with singer Hamada Magdy under the title “Crunchy Biscottaya”, with the participation of the dance performer, Johara, on the YouTube video site. The festival is written by Mostafa Hadouta, composed by Nader Zaki, distribution of Islam Sasso music, and the clip is directed by Ahmed Ashraf “Totti”.


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