“The departure of Fahd Al-Mawled and the new deals,” Al-Ittihad responds


Spread the hours The past, many news about the departure of some of the stars of the club’s first football team Union, and the new deals, in the current summer Mercato.

The most prominent name that sparked controversy in the past hours is the international star Fahd Al-Mawled, the Al-Ittihad striker, who missed the team, for the past two days.

Some emphasized that the absence of the generator from the federation’s training was due to his exposure to a muscle injury, and others considered it a form of rebellion, because of the deduction from his salary.

Ahmed Sadiq Diab, Director of Al Ittihad Club Media Center, responded to this news on his Twitter page, saying: “I said it before, and I repeat it again, my brothers … Do not believe what Masduriya says. “

Diab indicated that when the vision is fully clear within the Al-Ittihad club, whether from new deals or departing from the team, you will be announced through the official account of the Al-Ittihad club.

And he stressed that the Federation’s Media Center, nothing can be issued from it before the completion of the legal formulas, for any event whatsoever, but when it is issued it is the truth.


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