The death of the Tunisian actress Grace after a struggle with illness


The veteran Tunisian artist, Nehme, passed away today, Sunday, from our world at the age of 86 after a long struggle with illness and an artistic career of nearly four decades.

Nehme, who started singing since the age of 11, is considered one of the most prominent artists in Tunisia since the middle of the last century, and her real name is Halima Sheikh, according to the newspaper “Al Bayan”.

For its part, the Tunisian Ministry of Culture today mourned the late artist in a post on her official page on the social networking site “Facebook” and reviewed the most prominent stations in her artistic career.

Nehme has been appointed as an official singer on the National Radio since 1958 alongside a group of Tunisian artists such as Saliha and Alia, after she became famous in public concerts and became a crowd singer.

She participated with the radio troupe in concerts outside Tunisia, including the Miss Arab Election Festival in Beirut in 1966 and the Cairo Millennium Festival in 1969, where she was subsequently named Tunisia’s first artist and sang in European capitals.

It is worth noting that the late artist has 360 songs in her song and has dealt with major composers in Tunisia, such as Khamis Al-Taranan, Muhammad Al-Triki, Saleh Al-Mahdi, Qadour Al-Sararafi and Abdel-Hamid Sassi, as well as Sayed Mekkawi and Youssef Shawky from Egypt, Hassan Al-Oreibi, Salam Qadri and Kazem Nadim from Libya composed for her.


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