The death of the Moroccan actor, theater and film director Saadallah Aziz


          He was distinguished by his comedic work with his wife, Khadija Asad            </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
          <p>Moroccan author, actor and director, Moroccan theater and film Saadallah Aziz, passed away, Tuesday, in Casablanca, at the age of 70.

The late artist, who was born in Casablanca in 1950, is one of the most famous and prominent theatrical and television faces that the Moroccan public has watched over recent decades, as he was distinguished by his formation, accompanied by his wife, Khadija Asad, a famous artistic duo that was admired by Moroccans.

The late artist presented dozens of successful works of art, which were admired and followed, most of which were alongside his wife, the well-known actress, Khadija Asad, who founded the “Eighty Theater Company” with her.

In the theater, the late distinguished himself in a number of distinguished works, such as “Saadak Ya Masoud,” “The Brotherhood of Lekhwa,” “Leave Your Mind From Madame,” “Barq What Takesha” and “Kosta Ya Watan” In cinema, “The Postman”, “The Wedding of Others,” “Baydaoua,” and “Number One.” He also brought out “The Time of Terror.” On the television level, he was distinguished by his writing and participation in a number of films and series, the most famous of which is the successful series “Lalla Fatima”, which continues to be shown for three seasons.

The departure of Saadallah Aziz left a great deal of sadness among his colleagues and those interested in the Moroccan artistic practice, and a large part of the Moroccan public, whose interactions with the event were expressed on social media.

Masoud Bouhsen, president of the National Syndicate of Dramatic Art Professionals, mourned Saadallah Aziz, describing him as “the great artist.” While the artist, Aisha Mah Mah, wrote on her Facebook account: “There is no god but God … You were my boss, my friend, my brother and my colleague … Goodbye, dear … My sincere condolences to Mrs. Khadija Asad, your wife and your young family, to all Moroccans at home and abroad, and to all artists. Moroccans ».

In addition to his artistic experience, the late had contributions at the professional level, as he was one of the founders of the National Syndicate of Theater Professionals, for which he held the position of its first general secretary, which is now known as the “Moroccan Syndicate of Dramatic Art Professionals”.


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