The death of the Lebanese artist Hussein Al-Khatib … and Lebanon Baalbaki mourns him


The Lebanese artist, Hussein Al-Khatib, died after a long struggle with illness, which was one of the pillars of his brother’s band, the artist Nabih Al-Khatib, and was famous for performing traditional songs as well as for major artists and composers, since the twenties and thirties of the last century, including Zakaria Ahmed, Saleh Abdel-Hay and Riyadh Al-Sunbati.
Al-Khatib performed mawwal and reproach in a strong and broad voice, reminding his fans and listeners of the originality of his art and its preservation of heritage.
The Lebanese Maestro mourned himLebanon Baalbaki, On his page on a social networking site, and wrote: “The artistHussein Al-KhatibThe velvet voice who chose not to enter the singing world due to its extreme purity, the father of the artist and percussionist Ali Al-Khatib and the brother of the artist Nabih Al-Khatib, left us silently today, leaving a few recordings and some memories … peace to his soul.


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