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On Friday evening, the artistic and cultural circles in Iraq mourned the prominent artist Nizar al-Samarrai, who died after a struggle with illness. And local media quoted the captain of the artists

Adjective in artistic and cultural circles IraqFriday evening, the prominent artist Nizar Al-Samarrai, who died after a struggle with illness.

And local media quoted the head of the Iraqi Artists Syndicate, Jabbar Judy, as saying, “The artist Nizar Al-Samarrai died due to his health condition at his home in Baghdad.”

According to local media and activists, al-Samarrai died after a struggle with heart disease.

Al-Samarrai is a well-known Iraqi actor, born in Babylon in 1945, and began his long career in artistic work, after graduating from the Institute of Fine Arts in 1968, and his first work was the play (Abu Kamal House) that was shown at the Al-Khald Hall at the time, and he has more From 50 theatrical acts and 60 radio and television series.

He worked extensively in the theater at the beginning of his artistic life, as well as television, while his work in the cinema appeared to be less, and among the most prominent series in which he participated (Return from the Ashes, Ayyub, When Dreams are Stolen, Night Wolves), as well as films (The Researchers, Qadisiyah, Ayyun Don’t sleep, the inflamed border).

Al-Samarrai practiced football as a professional player in the ranks of the Babel Sports Club, and reached the school and youth teams, but art stole him from the green stadiums of Iraq and thus completely emptied him of art, but he remained loyal to his lover and his team, the Air Force.

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