The death of Izzat al-Douri … “Saddam’s shadow”


Yesterday, the Iraqi Ba’ath Party announced the death of Izzat al-Douri, former Vice President Saddam Hussein, who chained him like his shadow, and the sixth most wanted leader on the American list, which included 55 prominent leaders in the previous regime.

With his death, the hadiths about how this man who was sick with cancer had been hidden for more than four decades, so that his life, not his expected death at any moment, turned into a mystery since the fall of Saddam’s regime in 2003, especially with the recurring news of his death, which was He is lying to her by appearing in video recordings.

The question that now arises: What will be the fate of the Baath Party after the death of al-Duri, especially in light of the plurality of its wings? The answer to this question will not be delayed long, especially since Douri was the last symbol of party legitimacy even in light of the conflicts between the two wings of the party in Iraq, with its leadership, and in Syria led by Yunus Al-Ahmad.

On the other hand, the Kurdistan Regional Security Council announced yesterday that three groups had thwarted plans to target foreign missions and assassinated diplomats and government officials. In a statement, he said that one of the groups included 12 suspects with links to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), who had planned to attack a “diplomatic mission of a foreign country in Erbil, assassinate diplomats there, in addition to carrying out attacks on private companies belonging to the same country.”


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