The condition of Saeb Erekat, who was infected with the Coronavirus, deteriorated in an Israeli hospital


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                On Monday, the Israeli hospital where Saeb Erekat, secretary of the Palestine Liberation Organization is being treated, announced that his health had deteriorated, describing it as "critical."  Erekat was transferred to the Israeli "Hadassah Ein Karem" hospital on Sunday, after his health deteriorated as a result of his infection with the Coronavirus.

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“Mr. Erekat spent a quiet night, but this morning there has been a deterioration in his condition, which is classified as critical, causing shortness of breath,” the hospital said in a statement. He added, “He was resuscitated and hypnotized.” Erekat, 65, who suffers from pulmonary fibrosis, underwent a lung transplant in a hospital in the United States in 2017 before resuming his activities.

Corona virus infection

The “Palestine Liberation Organization” announced on Sunday that its secretary Saeb Erekat, who was recently infected with the Coronavirus, had been transferred for treatment in an Israeli hospital after his health deteriorated. The Organization’s Negotiations Affairs Department pointed out in a brief statement that his transfer for treatment was “due to chronic health problems in his respiratory system” and “because of his condition requiring special medical care and oversight.” The Negotiations Affairs Department confirmed in a tweet on its official Twitter account that Erekat had been transferred to “Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.”

The aforementioned hospital indicated in a statement that Erekat “arrived in a serious condition that calls for help and large quantities of oxygen,” noting that “his condition in the last hours was dangerous, but stable.”

And Jordan’s King Abdullah II had given instructions to provide Erekat with the necessary medical care in Jordanian hospitals in case the situation needed to do so.

As of Sunday, the occupied West Bank had recorded 42,490 cases of the virus, and 381 deaths.

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