The composer of ‘Al-Sharaa Mahalil Arba’a’ for Al-Nahar: There is no objection to …


The song “Al-Shara Mahalali Arbaa”, announced by the artist Hamada Hilal, continues to occupy public opinion, whether because of the similarity of her speech with another song by the artist Mohamed Ramadan, or because of the attacks of some religious scholars on her words, including Sheikh Khaled Al-Jundi.

Regarding the uproar caused by the song, its composer Jaber Jamal said to Al-Nahar: “The song obtained the approval of artistic works, and we followed the correct legal procedures, but we were surprised by Sheikh Khaled Al-Jundi’s attack on its words, and he expressed his objection to the mention of the word Sharia in a song that could be broadcast in Parties and weddings. ”

He continued: “When Sheikh Khaled Al-Jundi learned that the song aims to convey a specific message, he understood the matter and pointed to the need to change the word that relates to Sharia or religion in general.”

He added, “Out of respect for the clergy, including Sheikh Khaled Al-Jundi, who appreciates art and knows that it is a message, and does not forbid singing, we decided to change the word Sharia, as well as the word Shakhla, in other words with the same content, but without bothering anyone.”

He explained, “There is no objection to seeking the opinion of religious scholars. In the end, we do not want to present things contrary to religion, and it was necessary to listen to the opinion of Sheikh Khaled Al-Jundi.”

Jaber confirmed that the team of the song “Al-Shara Mahalali Arbaa” did not fear attacks by women, noting that the song carries a message at the end, and what was proposed was a mini-promo aimed at confirming the ownership of the idea by the artist Hamada Hilal.

Jaber said: “I am one of the fans of Hamada Hilal, and I listen to him from my childhood. He is a big star I did not expect to work with one day, and this is a great honor for me.”

And he continued: “Hamada Hilal is a polite and polite person who takes things calmly, and knows how to solve problems with sophistication, and face crises with grace.”

He added, “I am still in my first steps in composing, for after I composed a song entitled” I Am My Hero “by Saif Majdi, I cooperated with Hamada Hilal, which is one of the words of Mahmoud Selim, and it was produced by sound engineer Hani Mahrous, who took my hand and has a great credit for me that I will never forget. And as we say in the Egyptian dialect, it is “what is good,” and it is expected that there will be new cooperation with Hilal in the coming period.


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