The Bride of Beirut series, Part Two .. The date and frequency of the broadcasting channel


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The fans of the Lebanese series “The Bride of Beirut” are waiting for the broadcast of the first episode of the second season, with great eagerness to know the details and events of the series, which won a huge percentage of followers and viewers in the Arab world throughout its first season.

“MBC 4” announced its intention to show the episodes of the second part of the series “The Bride of Beirut”, starting from Sunday 11 October, at exactly nine o’clock in the evening Egyptian local time, Palestine, Jordan and Syria. The episode will be broadcast 24 hours after its presentation on “Watch VIP “.

It is expected that the second season of the series The Bride of Beirut will witness various aspects of the diary of the Al-Daher family and the ongoing love story between Fares (Zafer Al-Abidin) and Soraya (Carmen Bseebs), depicting the brotherhood conflict and its exacerbation, with the transformation of the half-brother Adam (Muhammad Al-Ahmad) into one of the partners. The two principals in the company, in light of a conflict between Faris and Khalil (Joe Trad), as the former wants to reduce his role, while the second seeks to expand this role because of his hatred for his older brother.

Also, many surprises will be revealed to most of the characters, and the circle of love stories in exchange for hatred, hatred and conspiracies will expand between the walls of the palace. Al-Sitt Laila (Takla Shamoun) also regains the love of youth that she experienced with Adel (Rafiq Ali Ahmed), but the family’s discovery of this matter will cause the lady of the palace to have many problems and force her to confront her children.

It is worth noting that he performed the dramatic treatment of Tariq Sweid’s work. As for the championship, its roles are played by: Zafer Al-Abidin, Carmen Basibas, Takla Shamoun, Muhammad Al-Ahmad, Duha Al-Debs, Joe Trad, Faris Yaghi, Jad Abu Ali, Maram Ali, Mary Therese Maalouf, Rania Silwan, Mia Saeed, Nour Ali, Ala Aladdin, Ayman Abdel Salam, Lina Hawarneh, Lea Mabardi, Alaa Al-Zoubi, Sami Abu Hamdan, Jennifer Azar, Wafa Celine Halawi, and Ziad Ali, with the participation of the star Rafik Ali Ahmed, Carla Boutros.

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