The Bolivian elections confirm the return of the left to Latin America and the increase of Chinese influence at the expense of the US


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London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”:

The Movement for Socialism won the first round of the presidential elections that took place last Sunday in Bolivia, which are unusual elections because they confirm the return of the left to the Latin American region and the retreat of the right, and with it the return of the Sino-Russian conflict with the United States.

Bolivia had presidential elections on October 20 of last year, which resulted in the victory of the president Evo Morales In the first round, however, the elections were questioned, and he was subjected to a real coup by the currents in the army, with the Christian right, and with strong support from the United States. The matter ended with the appointment of a female parliamentarian, Jeanine Agnes, as interim president. Morales took refuge in Mexico and Argentina.

The “Movement for Socialism” party was subjected to legal and security prosecutions, which caused its organizational weakening, but without weakening its strong presence among the majority of the Bolivian people. After a year of confrontations and maneuvers, the presidential and legislative elections took place last Sunday, with a participation of 87%, one of the highest in the world, and ended with the victory of the “Movement for Socialism” in the presidency represented by Louis Arce in the first round and in the House of Representatives and Senate.

Political analysts in Latin America confirm that this victory confirms the legitimacy of Evo Morales’ victory in the presidential elections during the past year and the absence of fraud in the elections, while the coup against legitimacy was planned by national and international bodies, led by the Organization of American States that questioned the elections and legitimized the coup, and it was later revealed Her report was false and tampered with the facts.

There are two factors behind the victory of the Movement for Socialism in the presidency and the Senate and the House of Representatives, and the first is evidenced by what analyst Figmar Vargas considers that “the Bolivian voter vote for Louis Arce is a vote on the economic and social model that Socialist President Morales built.” While the second factor is the people’s awareness of the need for the return of socialists to prevent the privatization (privatization) of the country’s wealth, whether social services such as water and electricity or natural resources such as gas and precious metals.

The victory of the Movement for Socialism in the presidential elections marks a strong return of the left to Latin America after it had suffered a temporary setback in the last five years. Thus, the central states in the region have become left-wing, namely Argentina, then Mexico, in which the left rules for the first time, and the left-wing rule continues in Venezuela and now Bolivia, while countries under the right’s rule are experiencing problems, namely Chile and Brazil.

Internationally, the United States is the loser in the Bolivian elections by virtue of the lack of success in its efforts to expel the left from power in the region, while the victory constitutes Oxygina for the economic and political influence of China, as well as Russia.


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