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The head of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Majid Abu Zahra, said that the moon will reach the stage of a full moon tomorrow, Saturday, which is the second full moon in the autumn season, or what is known as the “blue moon.”

Abu Zahra said: “This moon will represent the second farthest and smallest moon of Badr, or what is also known as the (dwarf moon), during October of this year, and its apparent size will be about 14% smaller and less illuminated by about 30% compared to the giant moon in April.”

He continued: “The blue dwarf will rise from the eastern horizon with sunset, and reach the highest point in the sky dome at midnight, and set with the sunrise of the next day.

Abu Zahra pointed out that the description of the dwarf moon is called the moon in al-Muhaq or the full moon when the distance between the center of the moon and the center of the earth is farther than 405 thousand kilometers, which is a term referring to the scientific name “the apogee moon”, and it means that the moon falls at the farthest point from the earth .

He said: “It is known that most months in the solar calendar contain only one moon, but during the month of October there are two on October 1 and 31, and according to the general name, the second full moon is called the blue moon, and it is just a name, so the moon will not turn blue. Rather, it will remain the usual gray color that is seen every month. ”

The Saudi astronomer stressed, according to “Russia Today”, that there will be no significant effect on the internal energy balance of our planet, because there is a tide every day, so an unusual geological activity is not expected, and there is no scientific evidence to support any such link. .



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