The BBC is threatening to expel any journalist who does not adhere to neutrality


The British “BBC” group revealed today, Thursday, that it asked its employees to abide by new, more stringent rules, and to adhere to complete neutrality on social media, in an effort to restore its credibility, which was shaken by the comments of some of its journalists on these networks.
The “BBC” announced that it may dispense with the services of any employee or a freelancer who commits a “grave” violation of these rules.The BBC is often accused of bias, whether from the left or the right, especially in light of the tension that accompanies the Brexit issue.

New managing director Tim Davey stressed in an email to staff that “neutrality is the basis” that makes BBC reports distinctive.

Davey, who took over the BBC’s management on September 1, added that these recommendations aim to help the BBC “boost public confidence” in it.

Among the most prominent targets of Davy’s words is former football star Gary Lineker, the BBC’s highest-paid program presenter, who does not hesitate to express his political views on Twitter, especially against “Brexit”.

The BBC has also been criticized for neglecting to monitor the cooperation of its providers with external actors, such as journalist John Soble who covers North America, who was criticized last year for giving a paid speech for the US tobacco company, Philip Morris International, in Miami.

Davy said that the new rules require employees to inform management about the work that they do outside the “BBC”.


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