The Bahrain team tests its car for the Saudi Dakar Rally.


          Raid Extreme has successfully participated in the Millbrook Tests in England            </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
          <p>The Bahrain Raid Extreme team successfully completed the first phase of testing its new car in Millbrook, England, where the car achieved a strong performance that enhanced the confidence of the team and its drivers prior to participating in the Dakar Rally.

The Bahrain Raid Extreme team car, designed to participate in the T1 category in the upcoming Saudi Dakar Rally, was subjected to severe and comprehensive tests. The car was driven by the duo Nani Roma and Sebastian Loeb, to test it before officially driving it in the Saudi Dakar Rally next year. The team drove the car for a distance of nearly 2000 km, equivalent to roughly four stages of the “Dakar Rally”.

The tests at Millbrook included a set of different conditions that characterize the “Dakar Rally”, from driving on rugged gravel terrain to driving at high speeds for a long time, providing the team with a solid foundation on which to compete in the “Dakar Rally”.

This is not the first time that the drivers of Rome and Loeb have tested new cars, as both are known for their skill and ability to test the car to the extreme, especially with the presence of a distinct car that supports their performance. Both drivers expressed how easy it was to drive the new Bahrain Raid Extreme Team car.

Commenting on the test, Sebastian Loeb, the driver of the Bahrain Raid Extreme Team, said, “Today I was able to test the new car, and as soon as I drove it I felt that it has good balance and great strength. The car was also easy to steer even in difficult conditions, and I believe we are able to develop its potential after further testing. I look forward to going to the Middle East in November and test the car on the desert sands. ”

For his part, Nani Roma, the driver of the Bahrain Raid Extreme team, affirmed that any driver can tell you whether the car is good or not after only a few minutes behind the steering wheel, “As for me, everything was positive in the car, starting with the brakes and steering , Right down to the engine and suspension. We learn something in every new car test, and we still have a lot of work to do, but this is normal for a new car with these specifications.

The Bahrain Raid Extreme team car was designed to participate in the T1 category in the Dakar Rally, an SUV equipped with a 6-cylinder engine and a 3.5-liter turbocharger. The car was designed based on the experience of the company “Prodrive” in the competition at the highest levels of motorsport around the world for more than three decades, and it was designed by Ian Callum, one of the leading car designers in the world.


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