The Astronomy Institute reveals the phenomenon of the disappearance of the moon tomorrow … and the appearance of faint objects


A sky without a moon tomorrow is a unique cosmic phenomenon that occurs once every lunar month when the moon is in a phase of annihilation in this case the moon does not appear at all throughout the night because at this stage it is in alignment with the path of the earth so we cannot see it clearly in The sky, but with the passage of time and at the beginning of the second day of the lunar month, the appearance of the first crescent strand of the moon after the first day of the Hijri month has passed, and the phases of the formation of the full moon in the lunar month proceed as it is known.

A sky without a moon tomorrow

Today, the former head of the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research, Dr. Ashraf Tadros, announced the cosmic phenomenon that we are on a date with tomorrow Friday, the sixteenth of this October. Its presence throughout the night, but due to its alignment with Earth’s orbit, we cannot see it clearly.

He pointed out that this astronomical phenomenon is wonderful in itself as it allows us to see celestial bodies more clearly in the sky, and this time is the best for space scientists to study faint celestial bodies, distant galaxies, stars and other planets.

He pointed out that this phenomenon is watched by millions of fans of space sciences and photography enthusiasts, especially at the poles, as on that night, celestial bodies are very clear in those areas, so they are monitored with the lenses of photographers and lovers of photography.

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