The arrest of senior officers of the Ministries of Defense and Interior in Saudi Arabia .. What happens?


Today, Saturday, the Saudi authorities announced the arrest of a number of officers in the Ministries of Defense and Interior, one of them with the rank of “team”, in cases related to corruption.

An official source in the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority stated that the authority had recently initiated (123) criminal cases, and among the most prominent cases was the arrest of a team officer in one of the ministries and the director of a foreign company contracting with the ministry.

He explained that the arrest of the officer came because he was involved during his work in obtaining sums of money, amounting to approximately (400,000,000) four hundred million riyals, in exchange for awarding projects to the company and other companies, and using his bank accounts outside Saudi Arabia to receive them and transfer them to Saudi Arabia, as well as conducting real estate sales. Inside Saudi Arabia, with large sums, not representing their purchasing power.

Among these cases, an arrest An officer with the rank of brigadier general in cooperation with the Presidency of State Security and an officer with the rank of colonel, description officer, working in one of the military sectors; This is because they obtain sums of money in exchange for exempting some sector employees from official working hours, and accepting new recruits for military courses.

Saudi authorities have also arrested A former judge, a member of the Shura Council, a former district emirate, a former brigadier general, a lawyer, and three citizens; This is due to their involvement in the issuance of two bonds of bonds with a total area of ​​(169,233,000 square meters) in one of the governorates. They were issued in an irregular manner And they get a part of the land in return.

At the same rate, two officers belonging to the Saudi Air Force and the Passports Directorate were arrested, as well as employees of some government institutions who exploited their influence and obtained bribes to facilitate the work of companies worth millions of riyals.

The authority confirmed that it continues to monitor and control anyone who encroaches on public money or exploits the position to achieve his personal interest or harm the public interest.

The Saudi authorities had detained dozens of princes and senior officials, current and former ministers, officials and businessmen. The Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh, in November 2017.


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