Technology Today – Australian Astronomers Reveal Unexpected Surprises About “Bright” Star


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Astronomers from the National University of Australia recently revealed that the star known as “Betelgeuse” is closer to Earth than we previously thought, and that its size is smaller than what researchers had long suspected. This star is one of the brightest stars in the sky, but it has become Ayla appeared to fade since late last year, and scientists at the time suggested that this shift was an indication of an imminent explosion, but researchers later found that what seemed like fading was in fact nothing but a cloud of dust that covered the star, so monitoring of its “natural pulses” was no longer possible. the previous.

According to the British “Sky News” website, this study predicts the possible date of this star’s entry into the stage known in the science of “supernova.” What is meant by “supernova” is the last stage of a star’s life evolution, that is, when a massive explosion takes place and it ejects the shell Towards space. The “Orbit of Gemini” is one of the largest stars that can be seen with the naked eye, and it is the tenth brightest star in the sky during the night. Scientists see that this prominent star is gradually approaching its end, and this is what makes it swell, as a result of the interactions that Get in its kernel.

Although this star is closer to our planet than we thought, the explosion will not cause any harm to the planet, but that phenomenon will be visible during the day, and it will shine in a shape similar to a half of the moon for about a year, according to estimates by scientists from the University of California. But this explosion will not It gets our era, because it is likely at the moment that it will take about 100 years before the explosion takes place, and a researcher at the Australian National University, Dermeth Joyce, confirmed that this large star is still witnessing the burning of helium in its core, and therefore, the end is still far away By our human time scales.

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