tayyar.org – Video – A person of non-Christianity prays at the altar of Our Lady of Lebanon, careful … and an explanatory statement!


A video is circulating on the social media of a person of non-Christianity praying on the altar of the Church of Umm al-Nur in Our Lady of Lebanon, careful, so it is important for the administration of the shrine to clarify the following: that we respect all the monotheistic religions, we confirm that each religion has a place of worship that we honor and respect and the presence of people other than Christianity In the shrine, within the conditions of the administration, they are welcome. As for the video circulating, we confirm that it is old, and the purpose of its publication today is to create sectarian strife in light of the events taking place in the region. The Church or Light has been transformed into a sacrificial church and its altar has been transformed a year ago into a place where the Eucharist is displayed 24 hours in silence and contemplation, and no person can reach inside the altar because it is locked, behind the person in the video there are red chairs, and these chairs today are not present. They were replaced by candles to create a spiritual, contemplative atmosphere. Today’s lighting is dim and not as it appears in the video and the lighting is limited to the steadfast sacrifice and the cross The sacred place, not as it appears in the video, appears in the video, a black plate written on it in gold, and this does not exist today. Torji returns to the blessed fasting and not to the time of the Holy Cross, where the color of the altar cover in it is red, so the placement of this video today is due to an organized campaign against the shrine and against the church. This is why we are interested in explaining to our children that the shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon is an oasis of prayer and contemplation, and fishing in troubled waters does not benefit the children of darkness in broadcasting Their evils and their sectarian strife. As we pray for you, we hope that you carry us in your prayers.

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