Suspicions of “sports laundering” haunt the Saudi Formula 1 race


  New doubts about Saudi Arabia organizing sporting events (Getty)</p><div><p align="right" style="text-align:right; margin-bottom:13px"><span dir="RTL" lang="AR-SA" style="font-size:20.0pt" xml:lang="AR-SA">Suspicions are surrounding the Formula 1 race to be held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, next year, which is part of the draft competition program.</span>

According to a report by (BBC), Amnesty International in Britain confirmed that the Grand Prix race in Saudi Arabia will be part of the ongoing efforts for the so-called “sports washing”, to erase the country’s poor record in the field of human rights.

“The Saudi authorities seem to still see sport as a way to re-correct their severely tarnished reputation,” said Felix Jackens, the organization’s campaigning head, in a statement to the BBC.

“In the run-up to the race in Jeddah, we urge all Formula 1 drivers, owners and teams to consider speaking out about the human rights situation there,” he added.

“If things go ahead, at least Formula 1 should insist that all contracts contain strict labor standards and that all racing events are open to all without discrimination.”

Amnesty has long been present in its campaigns against Saudi Arabia’s use of sport to divert attention from human rights violations, including the Formula 1 race.


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