“Super Mario” is the star of an amusement park


Next spring, Nintendo will open a section dedicated to the video game character, “Super Mario,” in the “Universal Studios” theme park in Japan, entering the theme park for the first time.
This section was established in a huge amusement park located in Osaka, western Japan, and was supposed to open in July of the current year before the Tokyo Olympics, especially since Japan was expecting large numbers of tourists.
However, the opening date of this upcoming section, called “Super Nintendo World”, has been postponed to Spring 2021, according to the theme park announced in a statement. It is expected that this section will include a rotating ring inspired by the cute green dinosaur Yoshi, the “Mario Kart” car racing circuit, and other interactive games in which visitors can win gifts, according to the statement.
The opening was postponed due to the physical distancing measures imposed by Japan due to “Covid-19”.


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