Sulaf Fawakheri documenting ancient Levant and its deep stories in the series “The Kandoush”


After she starred in the series “Chicago Street”, the Syrian actress Sulaf Fawakherji presents a new artistic experience, the Syrian series “The Kandoush”, through which she presents a new character to be added to her characters, who excelled in performing several cinematic and television works.

The Arab star explained to the seventh day: the series “Al-Kandoush”, a Damascene work about the ancient Levant and its people and their deep and simple stories and stories at the same time. This work will present a documentary case about the society that it was.

Slaf Fawakherji added: “The name of the character that I play is Yasmine. She has a sweet and touching story in the series, and she is a widow who lives in that conservative neighborhood.”

The series was written by the great actor Hussam Tahseen Bey and directed by Samir Hussein, who was presented with him by two series that achieved great success, namely “The Wahmon” in which she presented a twin role, and the other work “Awaiting Jasmine”, which was nominated for the International Awards Awards.

“The Kandoush” series, starring Ayman Zidan, Sabah Al-Jazaery, Samia Al-Jazaery, Ayman Reda, Shukran Murtaja, Fayez Qazak, and a large number of Syrian actors, numbering 150, and more.


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