Study predicts “post-corona” time: less marriage, longer celibacy


The British newspaper “Daily Mail” said that experts from United State They reviewed 90 studies to help them predict the “post-Corona” time and how “Covid-19” can change social behaviors.

And they expected that planned pregnancies would decrease in response to the global health crisis, as people would postpone marriage and offspring, which would lead to a shrinking population in some countries.

The decline in birth rates will have several impacts on society and the economy, as it will affect job opportunities and support for the elderly.

Moreover, the resulting ‘unequal division’ can lead to the resulting additional housework Quarantine To a rise in gender inequality.

The results also warned that “potential spouses” who met via social networks during the lockdown period “may find themselves disappointed when they finally meet in the real world.”

This may also be one of the reasons people stay single for longer.

The research author and psychologist Marty Hasselton from the University said California In Los Angeles: “The psychological, social and societal consequences of Corona will be very long-lasting.”

He added, “The longer it lasts Corona Between us, the more our behaviors are affected. “

The researchers team concluded That “the epidemic has become a global social experiment” has not concluded its results yet.


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