Strongly worded message .. Pogba responds to news of his retirement internationally, in protest to Macron’s statements and threatens to sue a British newspaper.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The French player for Manchester United, Paul Pogba, attacked the British newspaper “The Sun” after it published a news widely circulated on social media about his decision to retire with the Persian national team due to statements by the President, Emmanuel Macron. On “Islamic extremism”, he denied the reports and promised to sue the newspaper.

Pogba said on his official page on the Instagram site: “If I do it (The Sun) again, 100% false news is spread widely about me.

The French player continued, saying, “I am against all forms of terrorism and violence. My religion calls for love and peace and must be respected. Unfortunately, some journalists do not act responsibly when they write news, violate the freedom of the press, and do not make sure that what they write is correct, which creates a chain of rumors without concern for life People and my life. ”

Pogba added, saying in the same post: “I will sue those who spread this false news 100% and those who traded it, and in a short message to the Sun, which usually does not care, some of you went to schools and will remember what your teacher used to say about checking the sources. Do not write without making sure.” But it looks like you did it again and on a very sensitive issue this time, shame on you, “he said.

The British newspaper had published a news story claiming that Pogba intends to retire internationally because of Macron’s statements about Islam, and the information was attributed to press sources in the Middle East.

It is noteworthy that the French President’s statements about “Islamic extremism”, following the killing of a French teacher by a Muslim student, sparked a wave of anger in some Islamic countries and resulted in campaigns to boycott French products.


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