Strict measures to protect Biden from Corona … and the funny position of his wife


And when she saw Jill Biden Her husband stood very close to the journalists while receiving their questions. Monday, she stepped forward and turned the Democratic candidate for the US presidency (77 years) back.

Those around Biden are taking extreme measures to protect the man, who describes himself as a “touch-sensitive politician,” from Pandemic That reached the White House, and it struck President Donald Trump himself.

And he was horrified Biden campaign To announce that Trump has tested positive for COVID-19, just days after his discussion with the former Vice President face to face last week. But the campaign does not want to keep him away from the electorate as the November 3 election approaches.

The campaign said Biden would be screened several times a week, having been screened once a week before that.

Joe Biden also began putting his muzzle on during the campaign statements even as he spoke from a stand behind her alone.

The two changes represent a new protocol for the campaign it is looking at novel coronavirus As an existing danger.

Asked about the biggest threat to the campaign, a few weeks ago, a Biden aide said sharply, “a medical event.”

Trump has always mocked Biden’s avoidance of the dangers posed by the Corona virus, before the US President was hospitalized, Friday, for treatment from the Corona virus. Trump also mocked that during the debate.

Reuters quoted a Biden aide as saying that the development of events that included Trump’s illness proved the correctness of the principle of (safety first), a principle that also angered some Democrats who expressed concern about Biden’s extreme caution and not traveling much in the context of the election campaign.


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