Soft war .. Makhlouf puts Assad between two fires and embarrasses him in front of the loyalists


It seems that “Rami Makhlouf”, the financially besieged businessman and the cousin of the president of the Syrian regime, continues to bear the consequences of the decisions taken against him by the Syrian regime, during the soft financial war that took place between them during the past months, and is waiting for opportunities to embarrass Assad and his followers whom Makhlouf accuses of his injustice and conspiracy. on him.

In light of the fires and disasters that hit several areas in Syria, especially in the Syrian coast, which is mostly comprised of loyalists and followers of Assad and his regime, Makhlouf dealt an embarrassing media blow to Assad when he announced on his personal Facebook account today, Tuesday, that he would provide 7 billion Syrian pounds to those affected by the fires. That hit the Syrian coast in recent days.

Makhlouf’s decision came despite the fact that the Assad regime and Bashar al-Assad’s wife, Asma al-Akhras, had put their hands on the “Syriatel” cellular communications company that Makhlouf had previously owned, by appointing a judicial guard over it.

In the details, Makhlouf decided to transfer an amount of seven billion pounds to the benefit of the victims of the fires in the Syrian coast, after he submitted a request to do so, to the judicial guard appointed by the Syrian regime, to the “Syriatel” company, since the mentioned funds are part of the profits of that company, but he linked Transferring those funds and calling for a general assembly meeting, or electing a new board of directors for the company that has become under the custody of the head of the system.

In the context of the media wars raging between him and the president of the regime, since the end of last April, Ibn Hal al-Assad warned “of the delay in holding this meeting and not distributing the sums.” The legal guard appointed by the regime held “Syriatel” responsible for “not distributing the sums” to “our people” and “depriving them of financial support.”

It is noteworthy that al-Assad sought in the recent period to distance any role of his cousin Rami from his supporters, so he put his hand on his “charitable” organization bearing the name “Al-Bustan” and then replaced it with another institution, under the direct supervision of the lion, bearing the name “Al-Areen”.

The dispute between al-Assad and Makhlouf erupted with the end of last year, when the institutions of the regime decided to impose heavy financial fines on some of Makhlouf’s companies, claiming that the contract signed between him and the Assad government was unfair to his treasury rights and accusing him of smuggling. So al-Assad dropped the precautionary seizure of Makhlouf’s money, and then the punitive measures followed. “Against him at the end of last April, when Makhlouf began appearing on his Facebook account, addressing Assad, once, threatening his regime once, and accusing Assad’s institutions of injustice and corruption.

Al-Assad’s punitive measures came through further seizing Rami’s money, then issuing a decision preventing him from leaving the country, appointing a court guard over Makhlouf’s two most famous companies, Syriatel for cellular communications, and the “Sham” holding company, and many other measures.

In his recent tweets, Makhlouf had described what happened with his companies as the largest fraud in the Middle East, and directed the President of the Syrian regime, Bashar Al-Assad, in his capacity as head of the so-called Supreme Judicial Council, with a letter requesting what he called “the return of the looted properties to the people.” He accused the institutions of the regime of providing “security cover” for the largest “fraud in the Middle East” for the benefit of those it described as “rich in war.”

The news from the Syrian capital indicates that Assad’s wife, Asma al-Akhras, was the face of that conflict between Bashar and Makhlouf, where she leads an economic team that managed to put its hand on a number of major companies of the internationally punished man for his corruption since 2008, when the Treasury issued The American government decided to punish Makhlouf, confiscate his money and prevent the Americans from dealing with him.

The flame of the disagreement between Assad and his cousin is due to the first’s need for huge financial liquidity after the stifling economic hardship that he has been through for many months, and Makhlouf’s refusal to grant him the required sums, while reports of the Syrian opposition and various international reports confirm that Makhlouf’s wealth was originally collected. Through corruption operations with direct support from the Assad regime.

It is worth noting that Asma al-Assad, the wife of the president of the Syrian regime, began appearing in the media some time ago, among supporters of al-Assad, especially in institutions of a charitable nature, so she provided financial grants to supporters of the regime, to remove Makhlouf’s influence within the Assad environment, according to observers. From providing aid to them, and the Lattakia fires came, which caused huge losses to the people of the region, and the Assad Charitable Foundation, Al-Areen, sought to provide aid, which was described as limited, but Makhlouf urgent and provided aid in the billions, placing the supporters of the regime between him and the Assad who in that case became in a position of no He was envied, in a move interpreted as a clear embarrassment to Bashar because if he refused to transfer the sums according to his cousin’s conditions, he would be like someone who deprived his supporters of aid, especially since Makhlouf said at the end of his blog: “Oh God, I bear witness that I have reached puberty.”


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