Snapchat launches a feature for the new iPhone 12


Snapchat announced that it will be among the first companies to use the LiDAR scanner technology, which is included in the new iPhone 12 phones that Apple launched on Tuesday.In details, the famous “Snapchat” application announced a new version of Lens Studio, which allows designers to create special lenses to work with the LiDAR scanner on iPhone 12 Pro.

“The addition of the LiDAR Scanner to the iPhone 12 Pro models introduces a new level of creativity to augmented reality (Argumented Reality),” said Eitan Belbski, Senior Vice President of Snapchat, and expressed his enthusiasm to collaborate with Apple to introduce this advanced technology.The LiDAR scanner works in a similar way to radar, as it uses lasers to judge distances and depth, introduces a new creative level of augmented reality and improves camera performance.


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