“Silent mutations” … Experts reveal the secret of Corona’s transformation into a global pandemic


The highest US health authorities stressed the importance of wearing masks while traveling, whether on planes, trains or buses.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new temporary guidelines for travelers, which included a “strong recommendation” to wear masks to limit the spread of the new Corona virus infection.

The centers said in a statement that “the transmission of the virus through travel has led and continues to lead to the spread of the virus (…) across states and internationally.”

The statement added that “the local transmission is capable of rapidly growing into a (outbreak) across states and internationally when infected people travel by public transport without wearing a mask and with others who do not wear masks.”

It urged the control centers to follow their advice on masks by passengers and workers on board planes, ships, trains, metros, buses and taxis, including metro and bus stations.

The latest directives included more specific advice on travelers than those previously provided by the centers. The foundation said it was making its new recommendations to support health officials and transportation operators who imposed their own mask-wearing rules.

Travel often puts people in close contact with others, which lasts for several hours at times, which increases the risk of infection with Corona.

The centers justified their tightening because travelers may not be able to maintain a sufficient safety distance from others on airplanes and buses.

Major US airlines require their passengers, except for children, to wear masks during flights. However, the Federal Aviation Administration refused to require the wearing of masks, despite requests from groups linked to airlines.

The Department of Transportation and other agencies issued health guidelines in July that left the imposition of the muzzle on individual airlines.


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