Shocking leaks .. Samsung postpones the launch of the Galaxy S


Leaks related to the new generation of the Samsung Galaxy family began to appear, especially those related to the specifications of the models expected and the date of their release.

According to, Samsung may unveil the Galaxy S30 models or Galaxy S21 Galaxy S21 models (the name has not yet been determined) during January of next year.

And even the choice of Samsung Samsung is based on the official name of the expected Galaxy family, the recent leaks included some of the specifications for the standard version of the upcoming models that may contain a flat screen measuring 6.2 inches and a front interface containing a prominent hole for the camera.

As for the Ultra Ultra version, it may be present with curved screens measuring between 6.7 and 6.9 inches without any information related to the internal specifications of the device.

In the same context, the Android Central website published a report that carries strong expectations that Samsung will release three models from the Galaxy S family that will be labeled plus and Ultra alongside the standard version.

Curved screens for copies of Galaxy Ultra

It is expected that the Ultra Ultra models will contain S-Pen pens, while the back of the phone may carry 4 prominent lenses that will contain the wide and ultra-wide lenses as well as a telephoto lens.

It is worth noting that in the event that Samsung decided to launch the Galaxy S models next January, it will be the first time that the Korean company launches its phone at a date close to Apple’s launch of the iPhone 12 “iPhone 12”, which is scheduled to be officially launched. Later this month and early next month.


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