Sherine Reda from El Gouna Festival: My father himself kept dancing the best of the world



Egyptian actress Sherine Reda

Egyptian actress Sherine Reda expressed her happiness for attending the opening of the fourth session of the El Gouna Film Festival, and honoring her father, the late artist Mahmoud Reda.

Sherine Reda said on the stage: “My father himself kept dancing in the world and almost is the only father who wanted his daughter to keep a dance.”

She added: “I understood what it means, what stage and commitment when I tried dancing with the Reda band, and I am 14 years old, and it was at that time that I knew that this was the last time he would work, and I knew that he had a dream to create a popular and upscale art, and to know people about the original Egyptian art.”

And she continued, “If it were not for my father, I wouldn’t proudly stand here before you this day, and say I am Mahmoud Reda’s daughter.”

It is worth noting that the El Gouna Film Festival will be held from 23 to 31 October with the participation of 56 films.

Source: Egyptian websites


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