Sharjah Museums Authority is expanding two of its temporary exhibitions – Think and Art – Mirrors


The Sharjah Museums Authority announced the extension of two of its existing exhibitions in the Sharjah Art Museum to the end of this year, namely, the art exhibition “Imagination has come true” inspired by the imagination of the Danish writer and poet Hans Christian Andersen, organized by the Emirates Council on Books for Young People, in cooperation with the Sharjah Museums Authority; And the exhibition of the Ethiopian artist, Aida Molony, launched by the Africa Institute in Sharjah in cooperation with the Sharjah Museums Authority and the Sharjah Art Foundation, under the title “Coming Home: A Journey in Photography”.


The exhibition “Imagination Became Real” celebrates Andersen’s life and work with an interactive character that simulates the writer’s style that evokes the magical world of imagination and blends it with reality in a way that reflects a unique ability to tell stories and transmit folk tales associated with many cultures naturally and automatically, so that the writer presents to the world a group of stories and literary works the most translated and widespread In the world.

The exhibition of artist Aida Molony includes two parts, the first of which is a group of creative works, the journey of the artist Molony and her return to her homeland after her absence for years, due to study and artistic work in North America, as it presents a selection of pictures, chosen by Dr. Salah Hassan, Director of the Africa Institute in Sharjah as Curator, and Saan Al Hassan as Co-Curator.

In addition to Molony’s works, the exhibition brings together a distinguished bouquet of contemporary African photographers through the “Addis Photo Festival – Nine Years Survey”, which the artist is holding in Addis Ababa, as the founder and director of the Addis Photo Festival, which was launched in 2010 in Ethiopia, for the first time, and is held every two years In eastern Africa.



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