Sharjah Art issues book, Hassan Sharif: The Artist of the One Work


The Sharjah Art Foundation has released a new investigative book, which deals with the experience of the late Emirati artist Hassan Sharif, a pioneer of conceptualism who devised a new and different path in the Emirati formation movement, producing aesthetic and philosophical visions that transcend traditional structures and frameworks towards broader horizons in dealing with the concept of art and the mechanisms of its production, presentation and reception.

The book is entitled “Hassan Sharif: The Artist of the One Work”, and it is published by the Foundation and the Queen Books House in London. It was edited by Sheikha Hoor Bint Sultan Al Qasimi, President of the Foundation, who worked on evaluating the largest retrospective exhibition of his works held in Sharjah in 2017, which continues This year, in a number of European cities as part of a tour organized by the Foundation.

Across nearly 350 pages of large pieces, the book explores Hassan Sharif’s multidisciplinary practices and includes missing works, English translations of his journalistic and experimental writings, as well as archival material from exhibitions and events, as well as dialogues and perspectives of Sharif’s contemporaries in the Emirates.

At the beginning of the book, the reader reads the article “I am the artist of the one work”, written by Sharif in 1989, from which the title of the book is derived, and in it Sharif discusses what is taken from his works that they bear the characteristic of repetition. I use it by repeating the forms that I produce, to illustrate this, I like to say: My work is repetitive in materials and shapes and not repeated at the same time ».


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