See, in pictures, calls for the restoration of Rajaa Al-Jeddawi’s cemetery, and a shocking response from her daughter, Madam


Princess Mukhtar, daughter of the late star, was shocked Rajaa Al-Jeddawi Her followers who asked her to save her mother’s body, after the spread of pictures of her tomb showing its walls broken, and the spread of insects and reptiles around it, as she said that the decision is not in her hand, and that there are elders of the family who follow the process of restoring the tomb, and she added: It is not important above its shape, uh, what is important under the skylight. Uh .. Oh God, light the graves of all of us.

Rajaa Al-Jeddawi was supervising the restoration of the tomb before her death

Amira received appeals from her followers through her account on the Instagram website, to intervene quickly to restore the tomb of her mother, so that insects and reptiles do not extend her body, especially since the tomb has become a place for a large number of fans of the late artist, and she responded confirming that the grave was already undergoing a restoration process before the death of her mother.

She continued, confirming that the late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi was the one who was undertaking the restoration work as the head of the family, before her last illness, which caused her to die.

She added, “It is already under repair for more than a year, and is still under repair, and the back hatch is because this space will be taken to complete the street.”

Amira refused to take responsibility, saying: I am not responsible for the restoration there. The elders of the family are currently responsible for the restoration, and my mother used to manage it because she is the largest, but this is the family burial, and I am the youngest of the family, and thanks for the concern. Under the light, oh God .. Oh God, light the graves of all of us.

Greetings Carioca
Rajaa Al-Jeddawi recommended that she be buried next to her aunt Tahia Carioca

It is noteworthy that the artist, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, died early last July, as a result of her infection with the new Corona virus, Covid 19, at the age of 82, after 43 days of isolation in Abu Khalifa Hospital in Ismailia to receive the necessary medical care, and sources from inside the hospital revealed the last will of the late artist Raja Al-Jeddawi, and they confirmed that she had requested to return to the arms of her aunt, the late artist Tahia Karioka, and recommended that she be buried next to her in the orchard cemeteries, instead of the family cemeteries that include the remains of her husband and her old lover Hassan Mukhtar.

The source confirmed that the deceased lost the ability to speak in her last days due to shortness of breath, but she was keen to teach her will before she lost consciousness, and she repeated more than once the request for burial next to her aunt, the late artist Tahia Carioca in the Basateen Cemetery in Cairo, refusing to be buried in the family cemeteries in Port Said, which includes The remains of her husband, international football goalkeeper Hassan Mukhtar.

The cemetery includes a number of Rajaa Al-Jeddawi’s late relatives, including her mother, her sister and her sister’s husband, and adjoins the grave of the late musician Muhammad al-Qasabji, and facing the graves of the Al-Atrash family, which includes the tomb of the late musician Farid Al-Atrash and his sister, the singer Asmahan.

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