Scientists determine the time period between infection and death due to Corona – one scientist – outside borders


The number of Corona infections around the world continues to increase and many believe that this is the second wave, while some see it as a continuation of the first wave, but in the opinion of scientists, the virus has taken a very negative and dangerous course.

British scientists from the Scientific Advisory Group in Emergency Situations said that the period between injury and death has been shortened a lot with the increase in the number of critical cases in the recent period.

Scientists analyzed the data of 76,000 people who died from the Corona virus, and came to the conclusion that an average of 13 days passed from the onset of the first symptoms until death until the beginning of August. But now this period has been shortened to one week.

On the other hand, scientists believe that medicine has made great progress in treating “Covid-19”, and as a result, doctors can save more injured people. And most of the patients who suffer from poor health die, “according to” Sputnik. ”

Earlier, the Russian Consumer Control Authority, “Ross Potribnadzor”, expected that the virus in Russia will enter a recession phase, most likely between February and March of next year.



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