Schubert reveals the latest developments in Maaloul, Rabia and Ayman Ashraf before the Africa Final


The media, Ahmed Schubert, revealed the latest developments of the Al-Ahly club’s injuries, before the African final, which is scheduled to be held on the sixth of next November, and Al-Ahly had suffered several absences, most notably on the team’s left-back Maaloul and the thrower of Rabia, the defender of the Red Castle, and Schubert said through his program Schubert on “On Sport FM”: Ali Maaloul is still a little ahead of him, no less than 4 or 5 days, and even Rami Rabia is still completing his treatment program, and Ayman Ashraf is undergoing light training.

He continued: The African final will be very hot between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, and I have no doubt that the white team will qualify at the expense of Raja. I hope to reconsider the issue of hosting Cairo Stadium for the African Final instead of Burj Al Arab.

He continued: Zamalek achieved many gains in the Ismaili match, the most important of which was securing second place without waiting for the results of others, and achieving an important moral victory, and Abdullah Jumah’s exit was a sound decision and I think that his injury is light and will follow the final, as for Al-Winch, he will conduct x-rays today to determine his position.

In another context, Al-Ahly club officials settled with representatives in South Africa, Pitso Musimani, and the club’s planning committee headed by Mohsen Saleh, to compensate Ahmed Fathi, right-back in the late Pyramids ranks starting from the new season, specifically after the end of his contract with the red team at the end of the current season by contracting with Ahmed Ramadan Beckham Only Tigris defender, and Al-Ahly officials entered into negotiations with a number of players to strengthen the defense, specifically the right front, including Baher Al-Muhammadi, the Ismaili player, Rajab Bakkar, Ayman Pyramids, and Karim Fouad, the star player, loaned to Enppi, but it was finally settled on contracting with Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, a defender of Tigris Valley And who knows how to play in the Al-Masak center and the right-back, while it was decided to postpone the inclusion of Karim Fouad after the end of his loan to Enppi at the end of the next season, especially since his loan contract from the stars to the oil team gives the latter the right to borrow him for a new season without returning to star management, which is what has already happened.

And officials declare Ahly On Beckham’s annexation of the Tigris at the end of October, specifically after the last round of the General League championship, and Beckham signed his transfer contracts to Al-Ahly for a period of 5 seasons starting from next season, and Al-Ahly ended his agreement with the Tigris Valley to join Beckham, for 12 million pounds, with Tigris choosing 2 Al-Ahly players are borrowed for a season, and although Al-Ahly must pay 15 million pounds to get Beckham back, according to the player’s sale contract that gives Al-Ahly priority in recovering him, the Red Administration succeeded in joining the player for only 12 million pounds.


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