Saudi Super Cup news: Officially, Saudi Arabia hosts the Italian Super Cup


Getty Images – Cristiano Ronaldo – Italian Super Cup

Saudi 360 – Yasser Al-Mashal, Chairman of the Saudi Football Association, confirmed that the Kingdom will host the next Italian Super Cup match in 2021.

Al-Mashal indicated, through the “In Goal” program via Al-Arabiya channel, that there is a memorandum of understanding signed with the Italian Football Federation, which comes to develop the football industry and exchange experiences between the two parties.

Saudi Arabia hosts the Italian Super Cup:

The Italian Super Cup match brings together Juventus, who holds the “Calcio” championship for the 2019/20 season, and Napoli, who won the Italian Cup for the same season.

Al-Meshal said in his statements: “The Italian Federation is one of the oldest federations in the world, and includes the most distinguished cadres and they also have great experience in the fields of arbitration, and it was emphasized that the 2021 Super Cup will be established in Saudi Arabia.”

Yasser Al-Mashal confirmed that the date for the Super Cup match has not been finalized due to the inability of the public to attend during the coming weeks, and the picture is expected to become clear soon.

He continued, “Programs that do not require travel for both sides will start, and we are working to achieve common interests, and they have long experience in football and a desire for cooperation.”

He added, “It is not easy to seek the help of Italian referees and the intention of the agreement is to strengthen cooperation in the development of referees. Saudi referees will be sent to be in Italy to exchange experiences and lead informal matches in Italy.”

It is worth noting that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosted the last two editions of the 2018 Super Cup, where Juventus beat Milan 1-0 and also 2019 when Lazio beat Juventus 3-1.

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