Saudi stocks are down 4.1%, and record the biggest daily drop in 5 and a half months


The Saudi stock market ended today’s session with the largest decline in 5 and a half months, as the general index fell by about 351 points, or 4.1 per cent, amid a collective decline of shares, as about 105 companies fell by more than 9 per cent.

Regarding the performance of the leading shares in the market, SABIC shares fell by 4.5 percent, which is the most influential on the movement of the general index for today’s session, and this comes after the company announced the profits of the third quarter of this year, which amounted to 1.09 billion riyals, compared to recording profits of 0.74 billion riyals. Over the same period the previous year, up 47 percent.

Jabal Omar shares fell by 9.6%, Saudi Aramco by 2.3%, Etihad Etisalat by 9.5%, and STC, which declined by 2.8%.

Al-Rajhi Bank’s share declined by 1.2 percent, which is among the least declining stocks. The bank had announced profits of 7.47 billion riyals during the first nine months of this year, compared to recording profits of 7.84 billion riyals during the same period of the previous year, down 4.6 percent. Cent.

The market ended the trading session today at 8154 points, the lowest level in 6 weeks, to record a decline of 351 points, or 4.1 percent, and the session witnessed trading of 9.24 billion riyals, amid the circulation of 364.1 million shares.

Regarding the shares that rose most in the market during today’s session, each of the shares of Bin Dawood Company, which is newly listed at the top, rose, followed by the shares of Anaam Holding Company, by 0.8 percent, followed by the shares of printing and packaging 0.3 percent, in contrast, shares of 195 companies fell, of which 105 companies retreated. By more than 9 percent.


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