Saudi Post and Google launch the “Commercial Publisher” service – Saudi News


The Saudi Post Corporation launched a new service in partnership with “Google” to enable the business sector and establishments to document the locations of their commercial activities on “Google Map” through the commercial publisher service. This service aims to increase the growth of commercial activities and manage them professionally. Facilities and stores will be able to easily manage comments and evaluations via a control panel that supports the Arabic language, which will contribute to increasing the market coverage of the business by analyzing data for the public and competitors.

On this, His Excellency Eng. Anf bin Ahmed Abanami, Chairman of the Saudi Postal Corporation, said: “It is our pleasure to express our pride in our partnership with Google, because of the added value this partnership brings for the benefit of both citizens and residents, including the local business sector in the Kingdom, especially Small and medium enterprises sector, as this initiative enables them to use the “commercial publisher” platform.

On this basis, we are looking, through this partnership, towards the inclusion of nearly 100,000 local companies in the first phase, in line with the objectives of the transformation strategy of Saudi Post, in a way that contributes to improving the quality of life, and at the same time supports small and medium enterprises towards achieving their goals in terms of digitization. And e-commerce.

This service is provided for the first time in the Middle East as part of the many and varied services provided by Saudi Post, which made it the pioneer of logistics services in the region, and this partnership comes to reinforce the transformation strategy of Saudi Post and its plans to expand the business so that Saudi Post is the first logistical choice for all sectors as an operator Watani has huge capabilities, as Saudi Post provides its chain of services through more than 600 post offices with a transport fleet of 850 vehicles.


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