Saudi Hussein Abdul Ghani puts an end to his busy football career


Hussein Abdul-Ghani (43 years) is considered the last player to retire from the generation of the nineties, and the owner of the longest football career in stadiums in Saudi Arabia.

“I decided to officially stop practicing football, and the love of football made me in a great struggle before announcing my retirement,” Abdul-Ghani said in televised statements.

“It was difficult for me, but this decision had to be taken (…) This is the most difficult decision I have taken in my life, and it had to be resolved, I hope it was a correct decision,” AFP quoted Abdul-Ghani as saying.

The Saudi international expressed his thanks to everyone who supported him in his football career, as his star shone with the Olympic team when he scored the winning goal in the Iraqi national team and led “Al Akhdar” to the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.

His stardom increased with his brilliance with the senior team and contributed to his victory in the 1996 Asian Cup and the 1998 Arab Cup, and participated with him in the World Cup finals three times in 1998, 2002 and 2006, while he achieved many championships with Al-Ahly and the Saudi victory, and he was crowned with the first with six tournaments, one of which is foreign. The second with three tournaments.

The veteran player achieved several individual accomplishments, and his career was full of two professional experiences with Neuchâtel, the Swiss 2008-2009, and Feria in Bulgaria, 2017-2018, while he had a short experience with the loan system with Al Rayyan of Qatar.

And in September, Abdul Ghani became the oldest player to participate in the AFC Champions League, at the age of 43 years, 8 months and 5 days.


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