Saudi Arabia to resume Umrah starting tonight


Reuters Suhaib Salem

Archive – Mecca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced that Umrah will gradually resume, starting at midnight between Saturday and Sunday, Mecca time, after it was suspended since last March as part of measures to contain the Corona virus.

Today, Saturday, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said that it has completed all preparations for receiving pilgrims, within the framework of the health guidelines required to prevent the Corona epidemic.

The Ministry revealed four stages of the Umrah, the first phase begins with an operational capacity of up to 30%, while the second phase will start on the 18th of October with 75% of the operational capacity, and on the first of November, the Umrah and visits from inside and outside Saudi Arabia will gradually resume with an operational capacity of up to 100%, and the fourth stage begins as soon as the Corona crisis is declared over or the danger has passed.

The Department of Disinfection and Carpet of the Grand Mosque will wash the Grand Mosque 10 times daily, and the washing will be after the pilgrims finish performing the Umrah rituals, and 4000 workers and workers participate in the process, and 60,000 liters of detergents and disinfectants are used daily, which are of high quality and environmentally friendly, on a daily basis.

In addition, 100 modern high-tech washing equipment will be involved in the purification process that works around the clock, 9,000 carpets will be laid, and all precautionary measures will be applied to ensure the spacing between worshipers, and more than 180 field supervisors oversee these tasks.

Earlier, official statistics issued by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia revealed that more than 108,000 permits had been issued to perform Umrah, since the launch of the “Umrah us” program on September 27, until the end of Thursday, October 1.

The number of permits reached 10,041, of which 42,873 were issued to citizens, while the permits issued to residents reached 65,128.

In the first hour of its launch, the “Umrah us” application recorded about 16 thousand pilgrims, while the total number of registered persons in the first week of the launch reached 309,686 citizens and residents, of whom 224,929 are basic registrants and 84,757 companions.

Source: Agencies


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