Saudi Arabia .. Selling “Farkh Shaheen” at a record price in a falcon auction


The Saudi Falcon Club Festival in Riyadh witnessed the sale of five falcons for 996,000 Saudi riyals, one of which reached a record price of 650,000 riyals.

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Five falcons competed in the auction, the most expensive of which was a rare “Shaheen Farkh” falcon, with rare and distinctive characteristics, measuring 15 inches in length and weighing 1122 grams, which is the highest deal so far in the auction of the Saudi Falcons Club, and amounted to 650 thousand riyals, where Saleh bin became Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi, its new owner.

The prices of other falcons, which varied between “Farkh Shaheen” and “Shaheen Qarnas”, ranged between 65 and 150 thousand riyals, differing according to specifications and rarity.

The auction will continue until November 15th, with more distinctive and rare falcons of various types to be displayed and sold at different prices.

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