Saudi Arabia .. News of extinguishing the Tnuma fire


The Foundation clarified, through a tweet on the “Twitter” website, that this fire broke out among herbs and trees in a rugged area in Jabal Ghulameh, which is located between the governorates of Tanuma and Al Namas.

She added that the outbreak of fire in this area made resorting to machinery difficult, and in view of this, foot teams were used to use the necessary equipment for such accidents.

The General Directorate of Civil Defense said that the strong winds increased the spread of the fire and its spread in Jabal Ghulameh, according to what was reported by the Saudi Press Agency.

It stated that pre-prepared assignment plans were implemented for human and automated support, and rapid intervention teams were prepared as a precaution in the adjacent housing.

Meanwhile, tweeters shared a short video clip documenting the fire, smoke, and flames.

On the same level, and on Twitter for social networking, Twitterers stated that the fire had already been brought under control.

Tweeters reported that men and civil defense personnel were already able to extinguish the fire in Tanuma.


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