Saudi Arabia imposes a new tax on real estate and exempts it from value added


Report published Amnesty InternationalThursday, to the existence of “systematic brutality” in Ethiopian detention centers in Saudi Arabia, including the death of children, and torture using electric shock.

It was newspaperSunday TelegraphAbout a month ago, it published an investigation that concluded that thousands of African immigrants detained in Saudi Arabia were tortured to death.

Newspaper confirmsThe Telegraph“Again, there are even more appalling details about the human rights violations in the detention centers of these African migrants.

Every two is bound to each other in the African detention centers in Saudi Arabia

The Amnesty International report said: “The Houthis expelled thousands of African workers, most of them from Ethiopia, to Saudi Arabia in light of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, as the Gulf Kingdom has detained them since last March in poor conditions, and practiced torture against them.”

The report added, “Every two of them are tied together, forcing them to use the floors of their cells as toilets, and locking them up 24 hours a day in a crowded space. Pregnant women, infants and young children are also being held in the same horrific conditions.”

Three detainees said they knew of children who had died in Saudi detention centers.

The international organization documented the death of at least 3 men in places of detention, while Saudi Arabia called for their release and an end to torture and ill-treatment of them, and the organization also called on Ethiopia to help its citizens and facilitate their return to their country.

“Thousands of Ethiopian migrants who left their homes in search of a better life faced unimaginable cruelty,” said researcher and advisor at Amnesty International, Marie Forrester. .

According to Amnesty, two of the detainees reported that the guards tortured them with electric shocks, within five detention centers that the organization trusted in the oil-rich kingdom.

Inhuman treatment found by African detainees in Saudi Arabia

Inhuman treatment found by African detainees in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia promised to investigate all its detention centers, after the investigation conducted by the British newspaper at the end of last August.

However, a month after Saudi Arabia announced that it would investigate the case, migrants told the Telegraph newspaper that they had been punished, stripped, and shackled to each other for their attempts to communicate with the outside world.

“Since our suffering became known around the world, the prison guards have increased their cruelty,” says one detainee. “They do not tolerate anything.”

For his part, the Saudi Embassy to the United Kingdom said: “Reports of ill-treatment of migrants in detention centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continue to cause concern.”

In response to the newspaper’s inquiries, the embassy indicated that “investigations are underway to find out the conditions in these facilities, and we will inform you of more information on this issue.”


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